NEW! Gallery Platform

NEW! Gallery Platform

The Art House Gallery's new web application announcement

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February 9, 2021
New Online Gallery Helps Artists Take Control of Their Careers by: Kristen Beaulieu, Lonely Ocean Art

The Art House Gallery aims to foster relationships between artists and collectors worldwide
Michigan, USA — February 9, 2021 — Today the Art House Gallery announces an innovative, new online platform to support the professionalization of fine artists and introduce them to art collectors from all over the globe. The custom digital platform is truly a passion project for Rebecca George, CEO of the Art House Gallery, who led its development for more than a year, undeterred by the unique challenges of 2020. 

“Having curated many exhibits at brick-and-mortar and online galleries over the years, I can tell you online galleries offer tremendous advantages for artists and collectors alike,” said George, “and what’s unique about our new website is it respects both the artist and the collector enough to create a platform for genuine interaction.”  
Advantages for Artists
Unlike many other galleries, the Art House Gallery never charges a commission on sales. Many online platforms do not share the names and details of art buyers with artists; this makes it impossible for artists to develop a collector base and document provenance. The Art House Gallery is different; artists always know exactly who is buying their art. In addition, the Art House Gallery also helps artists gain professional recognition by securing publicity, group exhibitions, and reviews. With many open calls annually, the Art House Gallery consistently offers the opportunity for artists worldwide to show their work.

Advantages for Collectors  
Today’s collectors are extremely comfortable buying art online, but they are also eager to get a peek “behind the scenes.” The Art House Gallery meets the needs of these collectors by providing in-depth insight about each artist’s practice and philosophy. The Art House Gallery also builds the collectors confidence in their purchase by allowing them to preview the work in their own homes. Finally, the Art House Gallery meets collector’s demands for greater price transparency by not charging a commission, as mentioned above. In sum, the collector gets all the benefits of purchasing work directly from the artist while enjoying all the protections of a traditional gallery.


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