Stasi Bobo-Ligon

American, 1965
Total works: 34
Related Categories:

Abstract Art, Bright and Vivid Colors, mixed media, women artists, Cultural Comm...

Enjoy Your Power to Act Without Constraint
Dangerous Patriot
The Emancipation Continuum
Tale of Two Sides, South Side

Michael Coon

American, 1967
Total works: 5
Related Categories:

Earth Tones, mixed media, oil painting, Black and White, Figurative Art

Family Tree
She Was So Right
When in Rome

Rebecca George

American, 1972
Total works: 72
Related Categories:

Earth Tones, Abstract Art, intentionally exposed canvas, splattered and dripped,...

Boiling Heart
Reconciliation With The Unknown
Be That As It May

Rebecca Gray

American, 1972
Total works: 13
Related Categories:

Abstract Art, Bright and Vivid Colors, oil painting, mixed media, loose brushstr...

Fire Maiden
Life's Purpose
Practicing with Intrusions
Speak plainly, snake

Ken Hogrefe

American, 1958
Total works: 57
Related Categories:

Geometric Abstraction, Abstract Art, Earth Tones, Watercolor, Pastel

obscure\ d
obscure\ f
obscure\ e
Upstate New York  2015

Sarah J. Berman

American, 1977
Total works: 22
Related Categories:

Dark Colors, Bright and Vivid Colors, Gestural Abstraction, Abstract Art, large ...

Getting Out of the Way
Forest Bathing

Daniel Martin Sullivan

American, 1980
Total works: 168
Related Categories:

Abstract Art, Bright and Vivid Colors, Black and White, Gestural Abstraction, Gr...

Strange Geometry

Hannah Seki

Japanese-American, 1985
Total works: 55
Related Categories:

Earth Tones, Abstract Art, Gestural Abstraction, Pastel Colors, Black and White

Can I Join You
Disco Jacket
A Fragile Antithesis
Battle Royale

Steven Tritt

American, 1964
Total works: 193
Related Categories:

Portrait, Earth Tones, Abstract versus Figurative Art, Gestural Abstraction, Bri...

Three Faces to Consider
Guitar Jazz
Musing over Work

Ginger Ware

American, 1961
Total works: 68
Related Categories:

Drawing, Black and White, Representations of Everyday Objects, women artists, La...

The Colonizers
Queen of Heaven
Lunary I
Late in August