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Unique perks to exhibiting to open calls at The Art House Gallery: All images of artwork display in its original aspect ratio (no cropping); each artwork opens up to its own page with no other artwork or popups to distract the viewer; your artwork image can be viewed in a high resolution zoom window and in a museum viewing room; collectors can upload their own room/wall and virtually view your artwork in their space; collectors can contact artists directly on the artwork page, by clicking on the links to your website/social media account and/or contacting you at the email of your choosing; all exhibitions are publicized through paid promotions, increasing the viewership of your work.

Sign up for the newsletter (in footer) to be the first to know about exhibitions, open calls, auctions and additional artist opportunities at The Art House Gallery. Identify an exhibition to apply to and upload the required application materials. Completed applications submitted by the deadline will receive a notification of the outcome. All work is juried/curated by Rebecca George unless otherwise specified. Submission fees are non-refundable. Accepted work will not be offered for sale through The Art House Gallery, but will link the viewer to your page of choice (your artist website, social media account or email address). Every exhibition is an online exclusive and runs for at least 30 days, during which time it is featured and promoted on Pinterest and Google. Beyond that timeframe, exhibitions are accessible through the Archives. Many exhibits include a review by an art critic. Reviews and press releases are published in the PRESS section of the site. Artwork included in an exhibition can be viewed in the Viewing Room (linked under the artwork “Enter the Viewing Room”)

Image Guidelines:

  • JPG or PNG image files 1000x1000 pixels or larger: allow up to a full 2 minutes for each image to upload.
  • Image files less than 30mb.
  • Please ensure filenames do not include periods other than in the filetype extension, quotation marks, commas, dollar signs, spaces, or other similar symbols.

Application tips: 

  • Submit images that are taken straight on, with even lighting (no glare) and cropped to the edges of the piece (if it has hard/definable edges and/or background is not a part of the artwork); if background is visible in the image, it will be assumed to be part of the artwork's presentation.
  • Upload ONE IMAGE AT A TIME and save before uploading additional, supporting images (alternate angles, detail shots, etc…). The image(s) may take longer than usual to finish uploading--please wait until the green SAVE button is no longer shaded out before saving your work and advancing to the next page (this can take UP TO 2 whole minutes).

When completing the application to an open call:

  • Submit complete size of artwork in inches of HEIGHT x WIDTH x DEPTH (please use only a period to separate the numbers if it is a fraction (i.e. 25.75). No “quote” or other special characters). Scale is displayed in both inches and centimeters for the exhibition.
  • NOTE: when entering the link to your website/social media, please copy and paste from the URL and make sure to include the complete address (ex: http://www.thearthouse.us). Be aware that sometimes the full URL address does not appear initially, unless you first left click on the URL BEFORE clicking right and copying the link for pasting into the application.
  • Once the application is submitted, it cannot be edited.



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