Sea to Shining Sea, 2020

  • Latex, Acrylic, Pastel and Newsprint collaged onto Canvas
  • H: 48.00 in. x W: 75.00 in. x D: 1.50 in.
  • H: 121.92 cm. x W: 190.50 cm. x D: 3.81 cm.
  • Unique
  • This work includes a certificate of authenticity.

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In this painting there is a continuation of making paint marks as if they are written language. My continued fascination with the fluidity found in graffiti and Arabic script have indirectly found roots in this work. This fantastical writing over a fantastical landscape is highlighted with the familiar bison/mound shapes. Above the horizon paint drips and more writing make up the sky. In the sky some of the newsprint has been torn off revealing bare canvas with light washes. 

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