Steven Tritt

Put Down, 2019

  • Oil and Pigment Stick on Untreated Canvas
  • H: 35 in. x W: 60 in. x D: 0 in.
  • H: 88.9 cm. x W: 152.4 cm. x D: 0 cm.
  • Unique
  • This work includes a certificate of authenticity.

  • Ships from: Chicago, Il. USA
  • Shipping: Flat Rate
  • Local pickup is available

Pigment sticks have been used to create the contour of the imagery. Oil mixed with linseed oil or paint thinner was then poured letting colors mix right on the canvas. The pours were applied in both a quick expressive manner and in a slow steady way supporting the imagery at the same becoming the subject of the painting. More intuitive lines with pigment sticks were added to intermingle with the pours.

Hangs from grommets. Ships in a roll.