Steven Tritt

Orange leading the Charge, 2019

  • Oil and Pigment Stick on Untreated Canvas
  • H: 70 in. x W: 74 in. x D: 0 in.
  • H: 177.8 cm. x W: 187.96 cm. x D: 0 cm.
  • Unique
  • This work includes a certificate of authenticity.

  • Ships from: Chicago, Il. USA
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This painting is a recent exploration in color and shape, and materials which are oils and oil sticks; and this exploration became more important than the actual subject matter. Currently, paintings in this series have begun without imagery and instead with mark making and pours on untreated canvas. I work with the canvas on the floor allowing me to walk around it and work from all sides. The marks and shapes in this painting reminded me of cave paintings and I have quietly encouraged their presence without making them the main focus.