Made in the USA, 2021

  • Latex, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Flag Material, Newspaper, Magazine Pages, A Magazine Cover, Cardboard, Bubble Wrap, Paint Lid Liners, Sandpaper, Cigar and Candy Wrappers, Sketches on Paper and Envelope on Canvas
  • H: 75.00 in. x W: 48.00 in. x D: 1.50 in.
  • H: 190.50 cm. x W: 121.92 cm. x D: 3.81 cm.
  • Unique
  • This work includes a certificate of authenticity.

  • Ships from: DeKalb, IL; USA
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This painting can only truly be appreciated in person. What the viewer cannot see in the digital image is the build-up of layers of collaged items. Many items have been either collaged or painted over which was perhaps the biggest struggle with this one. It was difficult to bury so many interesting passages. The other challenge I found in this painting was imagery. The imagery changed many times although often returning to one recurring figurative image. Only a small portion of it survived all the layers of attack. But it provided a transition for the silhouette of a person’s shoulder and head which appears entangled with the spider-legged flag stripes. 

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