Wild and Alive

Steven Tritt, Solo Exhibition

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Steven Tritt, Solo Exhibition

Exclusively for Artsy by The Art House Gallery

July 1-31, 2023

Exhibition Viewing Room, Exclusively on Artsy


Exhibition Description

Steven Tritt paints places and things in places. Internal landscapes. Postcards. Internal Snapshots. Photographs. Internal Windows. Screens. Frames. Pictures on a Monitor. Innerworlds. SpaceScapes. Not Fantasy Worlds. Escape? Escapeland. Tritt wishes they were more utopian than dystopian, or less pessimistic. He sees dark so he paints dark. He sees the stain of humans, so he paints the stain. It’s a struggle to be a part of the stain. 

Within these works, a trip to California signifies a shift in perspective and gives rise to the California Dreamin' series. And optimism, or maybe simply a living-in-the-moment mentality. So, the places have now altered. Death on the Plains has been replaced by Life in the Trees. Wild and Alive. He's wild and alive. 

"I like making paintings that look like something but not look like anything. The viewer can see what they want to see. The title is a clue into what I see." --Steven Tritt

Curator Comments

In ‘22 Tritt's art became a search which started in the Illinois studio and ended up in Southern California by the years end. Even before the California Dreamin’ series began, there was relief and a feeling of freedom. A discovery was made. --Rebecca George, Curator


Exhibition Review by Kristen Beaulieu