Steven Tritt, Solo Exhibition

For immediate release:


Solo Exhibition of new work by American artist Steven Tritt

August 1-31, 2021

Curated by Rebecca George

Exclusively at thearthouse.us 


Exhibition Description: Landscapes have long been a recurring subject in Steven Tritt's work-- they've transformed into 'Wallscapes' as he became less concerned with the obligation to make a landscape look like a landscape. Tritt's focus shifted instead toward making volumetric form on top of a "collapsed" or flattened space, or "wall-like space".


Just prior to the pandemic of 2020 Steven Tritt began working from images depicting slaughtered bison which led to the ironically titled ‘Home on the Range’ ("where the buffalo roam") series. Tritt found the lifeless forms visually intriguing and the historic imagery significant. His fascination with cave paintings stems from the human connection to the primeval world. Are we so different?


The solo exhibition Wallscapes shares the work from this section of Steven Tritt's "Home on the Range" series. It is a collection of work that represents the movement away from old landscape concerns toward a shallow undulating space filled with raw mark-making, color layering, enhanced surface quality, and isolated forms containing dimension and gravity.


Exhibition runs the month of August, 2021 and is available in the archive thereafter.