Ken Hogrefe, Solo Show

For immediate release:


New Paintings from Ken Hogrefe

A Solo Exhibition at The Art House Gallery, Feb 1 - Feb 28

Curated by Rebecca George

REVIEW by Kristen Beaulieu

Exhibition Statement

The work in present\ represents a very conscious attempt to paint without expectation of an outcome. To paint and what’s in front of the eyes not what’s in my mind. To look more than work.

There are two groups of paintings in present\ - aperture\ and obscure\. These gouache, pastel and paper collage works were created over the summer and fall of 2021.

aperture\ is a series of paintings emphasizing speed, gesture and complex color palettes. The nature of the materials - inks, large sumi brushes - leave no room for hesitancy or second guessing.

The obscure\ series emphasizes looking deeply and seeing where the painting leads. The technique on these paintings is to layer materials, spend more time looking than working and, most important, never become attached to any part of the work.


Exhibition runs January 1-31, 2022, and is available in the archive thereafter.