My Love Is A Fever

Rebecca George, Solo Exhibition

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MY LOVE IS A FEVER, Solo Exhibition

American painter Rebecca George b. 1972

June 1--30, 2023

Solo exhibition of recent work by Rebecca George. Online exclusive exhibition includes a Viewing Room sharing additional details about the work and a look into the artist's barn studio space in the Michigan woods.

MY LOVE IS A FEVER, Viewing Room

Exhibition Description: MY LOVE IS A FEVER showcases recent work by Rebecca George that focuses on themes of  alchemy: transforming past pain into presence; shifting identity from that of compulsive thinking to silent awareness.

Some of these works have an impulsive quality, as though the artist is 'blurting something out'.  Others resonate at a meditative pace with long swiping brush strokes. The surfaces in this series are French Rag Paper, Canvas and German Linen. Both simplicity and 'overworking' are acceptable outcomes-- the artist relies on instinct, experience and chance, allowing herself permission to not control the outcome so much.


"The process of creating for me is 'one thing leads to another'…it does not come from strategizing in advance. This approach can be like blurting something out without thinking, without the censor. " -Rebecca George, Painter


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