Leaders in Representational Art, Volume One

International Group Exhibition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 30, 2022

Leaders in Representational Art: Volume I

Group Exhibition

Curated by: Rebecca George

EXHIBITION DATES: December 1-31, 2022


EXHIBITION DESCRIPTION: Representational art by definition covers a wide range of degrees to which the forms rendered are recognizable-- this spectrum is what the first volume in this series is interested in showcasing with this exhibition. From ‘contemporary realism’ to ‘figurative vs. abstraction’, this category has an infinite range of application.


Participating Artists

Kristen 0 Beaulieu
Sarah Berman
Stasi Bobo-Ligon
Michael Coon
Michael Doering
tamaz kh
Jackie Kleban
Daniel Martin Sullivan 
Steven Tritt


Featured Image: “Have Mercy on Me” by Michael Doering

*Exhibit runs the month of December 2022 and continues to be available in the archive thereafter.