Leaders in Abstraction: Volume 2

Group Exhibition

September 29, 2021

For immediate release- Announcement of winners of the LEADERS IN ABSTRACTION curated open call:

Leaders in Abstraction: Volume II group exhibition, curated by Rebecca George, Curator/CEO of The Art House Gallery

Online Exclusive: October 1- 31, 2021

This exhibition focuses on showcasing the highest quality of contemporary abstract work on a worldwide basis. Each volume in this series vets a curated selection of contemporary artists for a month long, online group exhibition.


Featuring selected work by the winning artists:

Stasi Bobo-Ligon (Kansas City, USA)

Sarah J. Berman (Illinois, USA)

Doreen Chua (Singapore, Singapore)

Michael Cortese (New Jersey, USA)

Ken Hogrefe (Illinois, USA)

Elizabeth Morales (Ontario, Canada)

Denise Presnell (Wisconsin, USA)

Daniel Martin Sullivan (Washington D.C., USA)

Steven Tritt (Illinois, USA)

Amy Vidra (California, USA)

Curator comments: "Abstraction is what resounds when you take away almost everything that can be recognized and work with the visual language of line, shape and color. This approach encourages the viewer to use personal experiences to interpret what they see. This exhibit is a rich landscape of things you cannot hold on to-- a suggestion of forms, the evidence of the artist, and the space in which they exist." --Rebecca George, Curator of Leaders in Abstraction, Volume II, 2021.



Exhibit is on display the month of October, 2021 and available thereafter in the ‘past exhibitions’ archive.