Kristen Beaulieu

Kristen Beaulieu

Extempore, Solo Exhibition

For immediate release: NEW! Extempore: Solo exhibition of 4 years of painting by Kristen Beaulieu at The Art House Gallery. Curated by Rebecca George, CEO/Curator at The Art House Gallery.

Exhibition Description:
Extempore is about the possibility of each moment. The works share a spontaneous quality meant to bring attention to lived experience.

Kristen Beaulieu's Artist Statement
As an artist, I am most interested in how the mind perceives each moment of lived experience. Accurate drawing is the ability to ignore what you think you see in favor of what you actually see. For me abstract painting is a parallel process, only turned inward. I am trying to get past what I think I feel in favor of what I actually feel. For me, painting is a somewhat fraught process of self-inventory. The feelings, moods, or attitudes emerge as I work. Frankly, I am always surprised. Each mark informs the next, pushing the painting along. Layer after layer of pigment is built up without expectation of an outcome, although the work is carefully observed at each stage. Finally there is a moment of self-recognition when the painting is resolved.

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Online Exhibition runs from April 15-May 15, 2021, Exclusively at