Figure Ground

Steven Tritt, Solo Exhibition

For immediate release:

Figure Ground

Solo Exhibition by American Artist Steven Tritt

Curated by Rebecca George

April 1-30, 2022

Exclusively at The Art House Gallery


“When I start there is a general idea for a subject but any adherence to it can be abandoned at any time. I work intuitively with a focus on an honest, authentic approach to art-making, straddling the line between representation and abstraction, owing no allegiance to either.” –Steven Tritt, 2022


Figure Ground is a solo exhibition of achromatic work by American artist Steven Tritt. The body of work spans two years, encompassing various series exploring conflict, power and spirituality. Tritt is interested in the blending of visual language: introducing hieroglyphic transparencies, realizing white to be dark and black to be light. The work in Figure Ground thoroughly investigates dichotomies: Representation vs Abstraction, Gestural vs Geometric, Flat vs Depth, Positive vs Negative, and Opaque vs Transparent.” –Curatorial Comments by Rebecca George

View the exhibition here.