en·nui | Pandemic 2020

Daniel Martin Sullivan, Solo Exhibition

For immediate release:

en·nui | Pandemic 2020

Solo Exhibition of new work by American artist Daniel Martin Sullivan

August 1-31, 2021

Curated by Rebecca George

Exclusively at The Art House Gallery

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Exhibition Description: Love can keep us apart as much as it can keep us together. The prevailing zeitgeist of 2020 in the United States was a great pause, an opportunity for everyone to catch up on neglected tasks, learn new hobbies, and generally keep occupied whilst having nothing to do. The loss of hope and meaning seemed to prevail over more positive feelings. All seemed lost so why continue. Telling an artist to stop creating is nearly impossible – the impulse is too strong.

Ennui has been described as a “soul-destroying fiend.”  In this solo show, Daniel Martin Sullivan explores the emotions that crafted his mark-making and creative choices throughout the COVID pandemic and time prior. The emotions created a swelling of energy and pushed his work into new directions, but the underlying themes remain.

Exhibition runs the month of August, 2021 and is available thereafter in the archive.