Switching Cadence: Recent Living Forms

Switching Cadence: Recent Living Forms

Solo Show

The fifth solo show by Steven Tritt, this exhibit reveals a collection of work by a mid-career artist spanning two years of risky moves focused on abstracting living forms. Tritt has a long history of rendering imagery, prioritizing a loose approach to material and application. This recent body of work represents a transformation. Curated by Rebecca George.

Online Exclusive on Artsy.net through the month of September 2019

About the artist: Steven Tritt is a contemporary American artist born in Aurora, Illinois in 1964. He mixes materials which include many traditional drawing and painting medias as well as nontraditional ones. Collage has figured heavily throughout his career. Shortly after being accepted into the Contemporary Gallery Representation Program at The Art House Gallery in 2017, Tritt's loosely rendered imagery took a turn towards abstraction. "I feel as if I'm striking a balance between recognizable imagery and abstraction in my work." This is a direct result of working with Rebecca George and Tritt's willingness to explore new materials. "While I use imagery as a starting point, there is no obligation on my part to save the integrity of the image, as I would have in the past, to complete a work." For Tritt there isn't a preconceived destination on any painting but a commitment to an honest and intuitive approach to art making. His influences include Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Max Beckmann. He holds a BFA (1986) and MFA (1990) from Northern Illinois University.

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