Portrait of A Figure

Portrait of A Figure

International Group Exhibition

For immediate release: Opening today!

PORTRAIT OF A FIGURE, International Group Exhibition at The Art House Gallery

Curated by Rebecca George, Curator/CEO @thearthousegallery 

June 1-30, 2021

Curator comments: “An international group exhibition that takes a deeper look at the variety and inventiveness surfacing around the face, the body and ways of depicting it and imbuing it with meaning. Our identification with the portrait and the figure enables artists to push the limits of recognizability to its breaking point, allowing a vast range of interpretations while remaining undeniably human. This exhibition juxtaposes styles, approaches and technique being employed by contemporary artists utilizing the human body in their work.” –Rebecca George @rebecca.arthouse


Featuring Selected Work by:

Ralph “Nunzi” Annunziata (United States)

Michael Barlow (United States)

Kristen Beaulieu (United States)

Sarah J. Berman (United States)

Stasi Bobo-Ligon (United States)

Luigi Francischello (Italy)

Susana Goienetxe (Brazil)

Jackie Kleban (United States)

Beth LeFauve (United States)

Ann-Maj Risgaard-Nielsen (Sweden)

Meta Roller (Germany)

Giuliano Sacchèro (Italy)

SAMAMA (France)

Ksenia Sandesko (Russian Federation)


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