Rebecca George

Siblings The Bathers, 2018

  • Oil and Beeswax on Collaged Belgian Linen
  • H: 55 in. x W: 42 in. x D: 0 in.
  • H: 139.7 cm. x W: 106.68 cm. x D: 0 cm.
  • Unique
  • This work includes a certificate of authenticity.

  • Ships from: Hastings, Mi. USA
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Collage material (antique burlap/linen) was affixed to high grade Belgian Linen with an archival adhesive primer prior to the projection of a 35mm slide to isolate individual shapes and their scale/placement in the composition. Palette is intentionally limited to push the focus on value, chroma and temperature changes/relationships, allowing the viewer to experience the qualities of the collage material as the figures and material cross those impactful surface interruptions. These shallow planes of physical space created by the burlap, etc…serve to abstract the figures through the dramatic change in how it “takes” the pigment and refuses to follow the contours of the representational forms.