Melanie P. Brown

American, Olean, New York; USA, 1972

Works out of: Chicago, IL; USA

Melanie P. Brown

Melanie P. Brown (b. 1972) is an exhibiting painter and teaching artist living and working in Chicago, IL. by way of Colrain, Mass. and Tulsa, OK. Melanie has performed live painting during collaborations with Ryan Ingebritsen, Jeff Yang, Eric Mahle, and the Ursa Ensemble. She also performs live painting regularly during concerts at Fulton Street Collective. A long time teacher and former program director at Lillstreet Art Center, Melanie has been painting and teaching for 19 years in Chicago alongside children and adults of all ages. Melanie holds a BA from Knox College in Galesburg, IL and an MFA in Painting from The American University in Washington, DC. 

Earth Tones, Abstract Art, Gestural Abstraction, mixed media, loose brushstrokes